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    Bought a Note 4, 2 weeks ago after driving an old Nokia Sybian device into the ground...RIP....this is my first post in this fine community.

    My one major compliant about the Note 4 is the sound quality of your voice on the other end, especially in speakerphone mode. It is as if nobody ever tested it or something (or a bunch of 25 year old engineers were allowed to release it without testing it for sound quality because they never use the phone as a phone?

    I own a Sennheiser wired headset (Sennheiser Culture Series Wideband Headset (SC60-USB-ML)) that I use for podcast recording, If I buy a female USB to male microsd converter, will the Andriod on the phone recognize the device? If not, is there a way to fix this? Does anyone have any other ideas? Sound quality is vital for a serious business device.

    While we are on the subject, why isn't there a cardoid microphone setting for use in crowded and/or noisy places on the main device? Why isn't there a 1/8" microphone input device (or is the headset one multi-functional and it doesn't say it)? PS Samsung needs to hire some auditory engineers STAT for the next device to fix this stuff.

    Thank you for your thoughts. Happy New Year to all. May your 2015 be joyous and bright.
    12-26-2014 06:00 PM
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    I read elsewhere that the Note 4 will not output sound through the dock because the USB audio capability was not included in the Note 4. However, there was speculation that such support would be added in 5.0, Lollipop. Here is one thread over at XDA to look at:

    Car dock for Note 4 with USB & Audio out… | Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | XDA Forums
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    12-26-2014 07:16 PM
  3. ronb's Avatar
    Do you have a case on it? There are some cases that don't treat Verizon phones well as Verizon changed the location on the microphone from the others.
    Good Luck!
    12-29-2014 01:11 PM

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