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Lucian Monti

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Feb 17, 2023
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Hello everyone, I have a very very annoying issue with the headphones + amp / DAC connected with the mobile phone ( fold z 4 )
I have little hopes to find a fix, but it's worth trying.
So, let's explain what is about.
I'm using the headphones Denon D9200 ( wired ) + the Signature amp / DAC connected to the mobile phone.

After listening some time on YouTube, the signal from the Signature is gone and the mobile phone speakers are active, not the headphones
I tested on different mobile devices. Here are the results.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 ultra : after less than 5 minutes, same issue.
Android 13, One UI 5.0

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4, same issue.
Android 13, One UI 5.1

Google Pixel 2 XL, no issues
Android 8.1, rooted phone, but the sound quality is far far away behind , from everything else I used as mobile device.
Low volume, no matter I do, and it sounds like I'm using some cheap amp / DAC device

IPad Pro 12.9 ( tested on 3 different devices, 2018, 2020 and 2021 )
No issues at all. The sound quality and the loudness level is the best I've ever heard with the Signature + Denon d9200
That's a mistery for me. I thought, the Signature is doing the job, not the mobile device or the OS
USB C is on all devices ( iPad pro, Android phones, Android tablet )

PC Windows 10, no issues at all

Laptop Windows 10, no issues at all

Samsung Galaxy note 10 and Note 9 ( didn't check the Android and One Ui version )
Same issue

It's hard to say but it might be Android ( latest versions ) the culprit.
Google Pixel 2 xl is using Android as well but some older ( 2018 ) version and with custom ROM + custom kernel
Hopefully, someone here who read this post, with the Signature and some newer Android devices, could give me some advices

From the Signature to the mobile devices, it's a cable USB A with an OTG adapter to USB C
That's the only way I can connect it with the USB C mobile devices.
Thank you

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