1. Sodori's Avatar
    Hello all!

    Maybe my Google skills fails me, maybe it's actually Google failing me. I had a mad idea, of trying to get/hack/build a 7 inch capacitive screen for my car, and connect my phone to it using MHL. However I see so little about it. Based off second last statement on their website descriping it's features, and especially based of second last here. It do seems that they actually got the technology!! So, what now? Does my Note support said feature from the get go? Would this be the money maker? And then just get something with tactile and HDMI? Or does the screen itself also need to support MHL then? How would all that work? Is it a certain MHL version I need to look for? Like, MHL 3.0, that the money maker is? Can you see that possibly Google is failing me here? xD Thanks in advance!
    09-12-2016 02:42 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You'd need a proper 'driver' for that (which means an app installed in your phone compatible with the screen you're getting). By itself, a touch screen would be able to receive the HDMI image via MHL, but if it sends back any input data, if there's nothing to translate it in the phone, it'll be futile.

    What you're trying to do is possible IF you get the right screen. I believe eBay is where you could find some, but make sure they are compatible with Android (most are Windows).
    09-12-2016 05:14 PM
  3. Sodori's Avatar
    Yeah, the first step I guess is figuring the adapter between phone and screen. Do not mind a bit of hacking, but I need to figure out all the wires and that's a rather tall order for me since I have never really hacked hardware before. Best would be a adapter that converts the hdmi into video, audio and.. well, I guess input back into phone.
    09-15-2016 02:15 AM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    That's one tall order for a self-made hack, though. Especially when the hardware already exists...you just need to find the one that has a compatible app/driver for Android, and THAT is where things might get complicated.

    Also, there's Android Auto and MirrorLink now, so those are other options for you to look for.
    09-15-2016 12:07 PM

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