1. Jrnalley88's Avatar
    My galaxy note 4 with t mobile won't updat.I've tried checking for updates.it downloads then after it finishes my phone restarts then says update failed.don't understand.I'm still runny a nfl Droid 4.4.4 kit Kat I believe.
    02-01-2018 11:43 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I moved this from the KitKat forum to the Note 4 forum, since this is more of a device-specific issue.

    What's the exact model number of the phone? Are you checking for updates using the Settings>System Updates option, or are you downloading the update file from a website?

    Have you already tried wiping the cache partition? https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-28932. Also, is the phone rooted?
    02-03-2018 02:40 AM
  3. dmateo's Avatar
    did Samsung even release an update for this device in the past few months?
    02-07-2018 11:20 PM
  4. Kyle Greig's Avatar
    I actually have the same issue! !!! Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Verizon SM-910V. I go through the settings and check for updates, the phone will prompt me to update and I'll accept, then the phone will start downloading the update and crash, I eventually gave up and just decided to stick with Kitkat 4.4.4! Kitkat runs well on the Note 4, but I fear that many apps will soon stop supporting 4.4.4
    03-21-2018 11:37 AM

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