1. Katrina White1's Avatar
    When sending a text in the stock app, Remember how in the 4 you could hover over the lil recipient icon and your most recent people would show up? You could just tap a name from the list. Not any more. Unless I'm doing something wrong or have to enable a setting or something.

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    09-13-2015 09:37 PM
  2. Vagrant_1's Avatar
    Yeah I don't see it anymore either

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    09-13-2015 10:39 PM
  3. russel5150's Avatar
    I never knew my note4 would do that lol. I was just happy to have the priority list at the top!

    Sent with my white Note5 with nonremovable back and no SDcard!
    09-14-2015 07:25 AM
  4. dsignori's Avatar
    hmm. I never knew it existed either, but I'm confused about the benefits of it anyway.

    When you open messages, the list defaults to the most recent contacts, right? Is going to a new Text message, hovering, then selecting a recipient quicker than just clicking on the top contact in the Messages app when it opens?
    09-14-2015 09:54 AM
  5. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Hmm, I find it quicker to just go to the Contact and swipe to send them a message. Alternatively if you don't close previous messages to them, you can merely 'continue' the conversation...
    09-14-2015 09:58 AM
  6. Katrina White1's Avatar
    Not when you're attaching from the gallery. You don't get top contacts when doing it that way.

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    09-14-2015 12:38 PM
  7. Katrina White1's Avatar
    For instance, do a screen shot, share, tap to choose from an abc list or type name, ...

    Used to be, do a screen shot, share, hoven pen and tap the recipient...

    I'd just gotten used to doing it that way. Yes, there are always other ways of getting the job done, but the fact of the matter is, my fave way to do it is no longer available.

    Still love my precious 5 though

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    09-14-2015 12:44 PM
  8. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I see. I'll try thus later...
    09-14-2015 01:55 PM

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