1. para_android's Avatar
    bought a note 5 off ebay couple of days ago, looking for good screen protector, better if its got some kind of warranty if i mess up get a new one but not essential
    05-08-2016 08:57 AM
  2. usman khushnood's Avatar
    Just go for anytemprd glass ones on ebay like £3 to £4 ones. They do the job really well. Easy to put on and protects the screen well too.

    Love my Note 5
    05-08-2016 09:35 AM
  3. para_android's Avatar
    i tried a tempered glass protector from amazon, something from jtech, couldnt place it properly, got bubbles, looking for a tempered glass thats easy to install and reliable
    05-08-2016 10:18 AM
  4. usman khushnood's Avatar
    Tempered glass protectors are easy to apply. I bought about 4 or 5 wen i was abroad n they cost me like 50p each. I had one for about 3 months without any problems it evn saved my fones screen wen i fell asleep on a coach n pressed my fone against the seat belt buckle. When i woke up the protector was shattered but the screen was ok. So my point is just get any but apply them properly.

    Love my Note 5
    05-09-2016 08:14 PM
  5. Dan_B1979's Avatar
    The Anker and JETech ones worked perfectly for me and I'd highly recommend them

    If you're getting bubbles under them, just take it back off (carefully) and clean the screen again and then re-apply! If there are still bubbles; just lift the protector until that bubble disappears and let the protector drop down onto the screen again and it should be sorted
    05-10-2016 07:45 AM

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