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    Hi all -
    I have never posted here before but I read these forums daily. I am a techgirl wannabe haha.
    A little background - I have had both iPhone and Android...way too long to make a list. My last iPhone was the iPhone 6 plus when it was first released. I switched back to Android a few months later and been here ever since.
    Right now I have the Nexus 6P on Project-Fi. I love the phone it's simple and does what I need for the most part...but I hate the camera. My pictures always come out blurry if anything in them moves slightly and it's pretty slow taking pics.
    I am having issues with Project-Fi too. The price is great - if I don't use it lol. But what good is a mobile that I can't use. For instance, at work I can be on wifi but everything is pretty blocked. I can't even use Facebook Messenger at work. Frustrating. But if I actually use the mobile on Project-Fi, it's really not that cheap. Also, everytime I call someone (which is not super often but I do talk to my mom and some other friends regularly) at some point during the call it will drop. Happens almost every time. I am sick of people telling me "Ugh, you need to get a new phone / service."
    So I was literally ready to go to T-Mobile and get the Note 7 last weekend and they announced the recall.
    I have thought about switching back to the iPhone 7 but it doesn't impress me that much...the things I disliked about iOS are still there.
    So for now I am waiting to see what Google puts out next month, and waiting to see when Note 7 will go back on sale.
    I really really want the Note 7 but I keep reading things about lag and other issues people are having (apart from the battery recall issue) but then also reading about how people love it and it's the best phone they have ever used. I watched Lisa from Mobile Tech Review praise it, and her and I usually agree on a lot!
    Will I be blown away by it coming from a 6P?
    What do you think?
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    09-07-2016 08:49 PM
  2. iFortWorth's Avatar
    Right there with you. I have both the iPhone 6s Plus and the Nexus 6p. The iPhone 7 today seemed like a letdown and based on the rumors of the next Nexus, it may be lacking too. I really want to like the Note 7 but worried about the lag issues too
    09-07-2016 08:54 PM
  3. ambreax405's Avatar
    Right there with you. I have both the iPhone 6s Plus and the Nexus 6p. The iPhone 7 today seemed like a letdown and based on the rumors of the next Nexus, it may be lacking too. I really want to like the Note 7 but worried about the lag issues too
    Yeah I have read a few of the Pixel rumors and it doesn't sound like anything too exciting to me...but I feel like I should wait and see for sure.
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    09-07-2016 09:25 PM
  4. tinybfk's Avatar
    Get a Note 7. You're welcome.
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    09-07-2016 09:34 PM
  5. Bartone's Avatar
    The Note 7 has a Quad HD Super-Amoled Display. I have one and it has the most beautiful display I have ever seen; colors are vibrant and the resolution entails a crisp picture. The phone has a very good looking edge display on both sides. The screen to phone ratio is extremely efficient, which makes it feels like a small phone even though it packs a huge 5.7 inch screen. The all glass design makes it feel like an extremely premium phone. It has an Iris scanner which is useful if your finger is wet, or in the winter when you have gloves. It has an very intelligent S Pen which can do so much. It has wireless charging, fast charge, USB-C, expandable storage and... Well you get the point, the Note 7 is the best smartphone that has ever existed.
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    09-07-2016 10:12 PM
  6. felloffthetruck's Avatar
    They are HOTT, HOTT, HOTT and if you are lucky it might even blow up. Get one ASAP (at your own risk)
    09-07-2016 10:17 PM
  7. Strong_Genetics's Avatar
    Well if your ever at a barbecue and they need lighter fluid you can be the life of the party ( I'm bored and want my new note 7)
    09-07-2016 10:18 PM
  8. team420's Avatar
    There are far more people that have no lag, or any issue at all with the phone, than those that do. Keep in mind, when reading the forums, that people come here to complain, or seek advice/solutions to problems, so you will see more of that here...

    Most people don't go looking for a forum just to say how great their new phone is....
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    09-07-2016 10:20 PM
  9. jerrycau123's Avatar
    I love my note 7! Stunning display and Great camera!
    The spen is truly a gem... So many creative things you can do with this Unique feature!..And you can use it as a mouse... There is a great art feature that you will love!
    This is by far the best Samsung phone that I have ever used!
    09-07-2016 10:29 PM
  10. Jean Sagarese's Avatar
    I didn't have lag, I was still working on figuring out the S-Pen and I cannot wait to get my new one as soon as they are released. I love the customization and the Iris Scanner is amazing. I came to Android from a iPhone 6 Plus and today I watched the keynote for Apple and for a sliver of a second or two I thought about going back and then realized I already had the best and will have it again
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    09-07-2016 11:04 PM
  11. Lambertoid's Avatar
    I have the note 7 and have had it since release. I'm waiting for sprint to get the replacement however I am still using it (I know I know). I have the chance to get any other phone and get rid of the note 7. For what it's worth for me I can't put this thing down the screen camera I actually love the s-pen. The premium build did I say the display lol i looked at the HTC 10 no go, s7 edge doesn't have the s-pen, of course phones will be released in the next few months however one awesome thing about the note line the hold their value for a phone I say if you will use the s-pen go for it. If not but you want close to the same phone s7 edge. Make the jump get the note 7 lol
    09-07-2016 11:24 PM
  12. From A Buick 8's Avatar
    I made the switch from a 6+ to the note 7. this is my first android smart phone always had iPhone before (well does palm pilot count). I love the note7, the screen is way better than the 6+, I really did not expect there to be that much difference. Look and the feel of the phone is better too (IMHO). I have not had any "lag" issues or any signs of heating up while charging. I will switch it out when the updated ones get here (assuming Verizon gets their act together) I have no regrets at all leaving my 6+ and iOS behind.
    09-08-2016 06:24 AM
  13. lanenubia's Avatar
    Will I be blown away by it coming from a 6P?
    What do you think?
    I don't know if you will be blown away but I can just give you my experience. I have had the original iPhone and loved it because nothing else could touch it at the time. I used an iPhone until the first Note came out. I skipped the Note 2 and got the Note 3 then I skip the Note 4 and 5 because they weren't much of an improvement over the Note 3, but then I got the Note 7 and boy was the wait worth it.

    I have an iPhone 6s plus for work and I really dislike using it for it lack of customization and frankly dated technology.

    I assume you've been reading the forums and you know all about the Note 7 and all its features so I'm not going to repeat something that you already know.

    But I will say that if Samsung said they were not going to replace the Note 7 with a new Note 7 but we could have any phone on market we wanted for free plus $150, I would still keep my Note 7 and just disable fast charging.

    The phone is just that good.
    09-08-2016 07:01 AM
  14. chyeo1979's Avatar
    My contract is supposed to end only next year, but I wanted Note 7 so much that I recontracted early, paying a bit more. Never regretted after I used it, most beautiful and best phone I've used (but I didn't use so many phones before, so dun take my words for it lol).

    Quite sad with the battery saga though, I foresee the sales will be greatly affected.
    09-08-2016 07:13 AM

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