1. draithby's Avatar
    Hi All

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 International unlocked phone.

    I put the official Jelly Bean update on it via Klies today.

    All is good except a very weird problem when you use Google Voice typing to enter text.

    If i want to move to a new line, in ICS i just say RETURN and it goes to new line.

    Now in Jelly Bean for Texting and for Gmail this works fine as well using RETURN and it goes to new line.

    If you are using the stock Android Email app THIS DOES NOT WORK.
    When you say RETURN, it adds a space and sometimes deletes a space, but it does not go to new line.

    This is incredibly frustrating and weird as it works in most apps but not in email.

    ANY IDEAS????


    03-07-2013 07:50 PM
  2. draithby's Avatar
    BUMP, anyone else can verify if there stock android email app can use return or next line through voice typing google voice to move to the next line while composing an email?
    03-11-2013 07:32 AM

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