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    This I believe is not unique to any one Android phone, I have had a few, so hopefully someone can help me. U'd think I can help me

    First and most importantly...to someone else, maybe not, but with my retentiveness, I like things the way they go, belong, were, etc

    It seems the search (maginifier)button has gotten switched and now, instead of saying what it originally said, like my EVO and like my Nexus , and like THIS Vibrant on day one and my roommate NOW....where it said "Google Search", now It says speak into mic in smaller letters .

    I believe it puts it onto the clipboard somewhere, but I don'k know how, why, when and where I did it.

    I BELIEVE I did it within the Voice Command application


    1 Can someone first help me get it back to where it belongs, or to me, where it belongs and where it was day one

    2. Can someone explain to me the difference in Voice Search AND Voice Command . (I know pretty much what Voice Dial is. Although It is not all that effective...that is how I knew this button got messed up because I used that lower right button for that as well, and I noticed it switched. It works far better for voice dial than the specific voice diall functtion. When it gets back to where I want it to be, WHAT EXACTLY IS THAT FUNCTION CALLED.

    Thanks so much...I am so sorry for any convenience
    07-23-2010 07:31 AM