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    Hi, got a weird problem on my galaxy s3 mini in that, while I can receive mms messages, those I send to other phones aren't delivered - SMS is fine. I can send mms to myself, with delivery and read receipts working, but while mms to others do appear to send (they do appear on my bill!), they aren't delivered to the recipient. The destination phones are different makes/models and on different networks (O2, Tesco etc), but I haven't tried sending to someone else who's on virgin mobile - might pop along to one of their stores and try it there.

    I'm currently discussing this with virgin mobile tech support who have checked out my phone settings re APNs etc, and who'll monitor my mms sends for a few days.

    I had a spare T-Mobile payg card and with that in the phone, mms messages are delivered ok, so it looks like the VM network from that point of view. I don't have another handset to try my SIM in, but again, I could maybe try that at their store too.

    Anyone any ideas or come across this before?

    01-30-2014 03:12 AM

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