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    Screen is black in most cases. The screen works properly is in Download mode (Vol Down + Home + Power), very early during boot (see the "samsung" white logo then black afterward), in Kies odin mode (initiated by kies sw). When booting into recovery mode, the initial screen (samsung white logo with red text on top) is seen then black screen afterward. Problem suddenly started without warning nor with any known cause (wasn't dropped).

    Touch and phone is fully functional.

    Tried the following and the symptoms remain the same afteward.
    - odin3 flash to current samsung official rom (4.3 tmobile)
    - Kies to flash and initialize latest rom (I assume that's 4.3 tmo)
    - boot to recovery mode and did a blind cache wipe
    - boot to recovery mode and did a blind factory erase
    - odie3 flash again
    - even swapped with a good known working motherboard and the failure stays with the lcd screen assembly unit

    So this tell me that the problem is with the lcd screen assembly. But the really strange thing is the lcd definitely is working, just in some initial boot up state. If I have a schematic of the lcd assembly unit, i can do further digging, but as it, it's blind guess.

    Any tips, helps ?? Is there any diagnosis mode to test lcd?
    05-01-2014 03:42 PM
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    Welcome to the forums!

    A puzzling issue, but it sounds like your display is the culprit, despite the fact that it works correctly when it first boots. Could be a heat-related issue.

    There are apps that you can use to put test patterns and color grids on the display and to check multi-touch, but those won't do you any good since the display shuts off.

    Here's a couple of sources for replacement screen assemblies:


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    05-02-2014 01:05 AM
  3. TylerCiggy's Avatar
    I have kinda exactly the same problem (sometimes the screen goes all black, sometimes it just glitch to black). I have done much of everything he did (except the blind wipes).

    Also, I'm in 4.4 but was working fine and I have like 2 months since that upgrade of the firm and like a week with this issue.
    10-30-2015 05:23 PM

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