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    Okay.. I need a lot of help here. Month or so ago I dropped my phone pretty hard. It stopped charging. Would say it was charging but it would drain. Took it to repairs and the guys said it needed new USB Charger Port. Waited a few hours, got a call and they told me the part wasn't fitting and the phone was broken. I'm assuming wrong part. Before repairs, I was putting my battery in my old S4 to charge. My son ended up dropping that one. Shattered screen and camera. Turns on but no picture. After a while, that phone stopped charging the battery as well. Confused..

    Anyway, so I got a new phone thinking my phone was toast. Bought a new phone, it got stolen. Soooo, I decide to buy the USB charger port. Cheap, comes with mic antenna. I installed yesterday with no issues. It's installed correctly. Phone starts charging immediately and actually charges. I think.. awesome, I did it! Well, now the battery is charging, but it's taking a while to charge and the battery is draining pretty fast. I bought a new battery a while back for the Active thinking it would help. It was drained down to 0% and dead for a few weeks. So I figured it just needed time to charge. Let charge overnight to 100%, was on phone for 5 minutes. Went from 100% to 91%. All settings are on power save. Did factory reset, turned off sync. Everything. Still no help. Now I'm using my original Samsung battery and it's taking a bit to charge as well.

    Tried different charges, same issue. Could the drop caused an internal issue or..? Phone is currently plugged in while using and hasn't moved from 9% in about 10 minutes.

    (Sorry for the wall of text)
    11-24-2015 11:31 AM

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