1. davidvetsch's Avatar
    I REALLY do NOT want my phone to vibrate whenever I receive an email. So I went into the Gmail settings, selected one of my two liked Gmail accounts, went to "Inbox Sound & Vibrate" and turned off the Vibrate option and also the Notify For Every Message option. Still my phone vibrates on every incoming email.

    What else can I do too turn this off??

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    05-20-2013 12:38 PM
  2. alus415's Avatar
    I posted about this in another thread and no one answered yet.

    I turned off the vibration option on both Email and Gmail apps , now the Email app doesn't vibrate when I have the phone on silent but the Gmail one does. I did found out that if you select the silent sound option under settings that stopped the vibration but when I put the phone on normal sound mode then you don't get a sound when emails come in.

    basically what I want is led and sound notification when I have my phone on normal sound and only LED notification when on vibrate .
    05-20-2013 05:31 PM
  3. davidvetsch's Avatar
    This doesn't have anything to do with the Email app. I'm only using Gmail.

    Exactly! When I set my phone should on normal or when in vibrate and of course also when it's on silent, I ALWAYS only want the LED notification (not even necessarily that) and the envelope icon in the notification bar. It should never be vibrating when I get an email...

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    05-21-2013 12:47 AM
  4. pmgnet's Avatar
    This is the same problem for me on CM10.1 nightlies. Posting here in case a solution is provided.
    08-05-2013 02:23 PM
  5. mpit912's Avatar
    On my phone there is a gmail app and a regular email app. Maybe you have to turn it off on the email app as well?
    Yes, this is exactly what I had to do in the settings for yahoo mail app
    08-06-2013 09:43 AM

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