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    Ok people i finally picked this up yesterday and for the time being im running and testing this without a sim in there as i also dont know the best way to transfer my contact, messages and any other stuff from the iphone to this

    Im really loving the design and fast os of this and how android is more easier than i thought would be. ive used a lot of android phones but not 1 of my own and can actually use it properly.

    the massive screen jump from and iphone 4 to this is crazy but again not annoying as i thought it would b but def for certain things like texts, email etc have to use both hands

    Also the black version does look quite nice despite the plastic quality

    Few questions ive got:

    1) can you now transfer apps to a memory card?

    2) how and when can you apply to get the free films from the samsung hub like some people on here have got?

    3) On my facebook app on my iphone i can see the friends list via alphabetical order but on the app on the S4 all the names are mixed together any way to fix this?

    I'll more than likely have a lot more questions if i do decide to keep the phone

    so thanks in advance
    06-25-2013 02:17 AM

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