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    Previously I had Lightflow installed but in all honesty I found it offered much more than I needed and in some respects a little too complex to use. For some reason some gestures with Touchwiz didn't seem to work after I installed LF but now work OK.

    The only things I want to change for the LED are to differentiate between missed call, SMS, Whats App and similar apps and also fully charged. For 90% of my use I do need the LED off at night but SOMETIMES I might want it on (eg if I'm expecting something that I'd like to respond to but ONLY want the LED on so it wakes nobody else up). As a result I ended up trying 'Do Not Disturb' (Cabooze) . I did find however that unless you use a Nexus or GP device the LED is disabled by default when using your programmed DND night schedule. I also then tried Light Manager and ran it alongside Do Not Disturb. Compared to Lightflow I found LM much simpler to set up have found that when combined with DND, the LM LED control 'sleep schedule' gives you back complete control over the LED at night.

    If I use DND and select its day / instant / meeting schedule, the led flashes and you can set vibrate. If using during the night the LED will still light up IF you have Light Manager installed UNLESS you tell LM to kill the LED during sleep hours that you can also set. The beauty of this is that you can have the DND app kick in to silence notifications etc at one time and have Light Manager kick in (and out) wit different times to disable the LED.

    I gather both are lightweight in terms of system demand neither kills battery life and IMHO they work well together with no conflicts as one seems to primarily control what sound alerts get through whereas the other controls the LED. While DND also controls the LED during the day this does not conflict with LM for me as I only set that to kill LED at night. At night it seems that LM manages to take control of the LED back from DND.

    Great combination, I'll try them for a week or sow to see how the combo affects battery life.
    11-22-2013 01:41 AM

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