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    Do you have a Galaxy S4? Do you have an external micro-SD card inserted? If so, could you help me with a brief test?

    I'm thinking of buying a Galaxy S4 and there's one deal-breaker I need to confirm, which the friendly Galaxy community could help me with. I'll write the question first, and a full explanation below in case you're interested (or suspicious).

    1) download this very small (312kb) & free app from the Android Play store:
    https://play.google.com/store and search for faswiki

    2) I don't care if the app itself moves to the SD Card. FastWiki runs off huge data files, which will only fit on the SD Card. If you run FastWiki, it will say no data files found (duh). If you press the android menu key, and choose "Option", one of the options is "select data file folder." If you choose this, you will see a list of folders.

    3) My question is: are you able to select "extSDCard" and browse through external SD card folders? You won't find the actual data files, but can you at least find the external SD card? (Note: the folder named "SDCard" is actually internal memory. This is what causes the problems, which is a well-documented Samsung quirk).

    Just as an aside, I currently use an Xperia and have used FastWiki every day for years. If you can spare the 12GB in storage space, it's amazing to have the entirety of human knowledge, offline, at your fingertips. This is why I want to be sure I can continue using FastWiki on the Samsung (actually S4 mini) before I buy one. Many many thanks for your help with this.

    Further explanation, if you're interested:

    The Samsung phones have a strange way of accessing the external SD card. The external SD card is actually in the "extSDCard" folder, and not the usual "SDCard" folder. On the Samsung, the "SDCard" folder is actually internal memory! This is *VERY NON-STANDARD* for android phones. It creates problems for other apps too.

    I am a huge fan of the FastWiki app. I use it every day. I won't buy a phone without it. But when I checked last year, the FastWiki app could not "find" the extSDCard. This is a known problem with Samsung. I tested this last year, and the FastWiki app could *not* find the extSDCard. I'm hoping that either Samsung or FastWiki has subsequently "fixed" the problem. Unfortunately, the FastWiki develolper ibarely speaks English and doesn't give much support (it's a free app), and I don't know anyone anymore who has a Galaxy S4 (it's not as popular in the UK where I live as in the US)..

    07-01-2014 03:32 PM

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