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    Hello... I want to root my new galaxy s5. I read and followed the instructions via How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Canadian) | TheUnlockr
    Before I continued with the root process I read and follow the how to unroot the process here. How to Unroot the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Canadian) | TheUnlockr
    I thought I was safe.
    I continued to root. After reading about the different things I was now able to do with my rooted phone I decided that it was not for me and wanted to unroot.
    All the links to the stock firmware for my phone do not complete downloading.. Firmware archive | Samsung Updates Telus is my carrier. I click the link and try to download and it won't complete. I then signed up as a member via the download link to rapid gator and this did not help. I am starting to panic.
    can anyone help me with this problem or direct me to a link for my firmware file?
    05-04-2014 12:35 PM

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