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    i have the samsung galaxy s5 900a with at&t..well as with verizon getting rooted is possible, using xposed framework with the visx rom is working almost flawless..the 1 thing i cant get is the sms to run with the regular sms text app...i have to use hangout...when i send a text the regular app shuts down...the text along with pic is sent..but once sent...it crashes...also sometimes the screen has a delay..meaning ill hear and feel the phone vibrate/ringing..at times the screen takes a second..not immediate..but its not everytime..just enough to drive me nuts lol!!! but never the less i really took a chance with this at&t 900a model..i was careful in knowing exactly what i was doing wayyy before even attempting rooting...it was only this year i said im doing it..well its a monster..safestraps so awsome..just do not mess with the rom slots..i went in a boot loop..got out of it by clearing all cache/dalvik cache/system/sd card..all of them under custom wipe..so i wiped the phone and she came right back to stock...not a biggie..i just wanted to share my feelings with this model and not having download booster is stupid..locked bootloaders..stupid..tmobile is the only damn company with common sense...if we wanna root and say screw a warranty..we should be able to choose!!..if im wrong or you feel i am..u crazy..being rooted and new custom apps/settings i find a new one daily it seems..i test many many apps in the rooted/unrooted world..they are all differnt in small ways..sometimes huge..but hit me up anytime if you have a question..im not sure about much help with the verizon s5..but using safestrap you want to see red when it pops up apon booting..it should say disabled..in red..if it say inabled..expect some crap to go down..mine flahed then went into a soft brick...took me a few mins to clear all of it ..you can still enter safestrap recovery and wipe it all..its just restarting..i noticed the cool *** themes where your widget and homescreen settings are were gone when i wiped..so i loaded the rom back from my pc and was able to get them back...thanks much you guys and know we can do it too..i want download booster..if i go over...its my choice..hehe peace galaxy--r00te8d
    08-17-2014 07:26 PM

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