1. mike bellamy's Avatar
    Hi. I have just tried to transfer from the s5 from the expanded memory card to a USB drive via the double connection on the phone along a supposed USB 3.0 OTG lead (6 inch). I only saw transfer rates between 9 and 10mb/s. It should be considerably quicker than that so does anyone know what's maybe the issue. Any help please!

    I have rates of approx 28mb/s from USB to internal storage and approx 17mb/s from internal to USB. Still not very fast but better with not writing from a micro SD.
    09-18-2016 04:31 PM
  2. Netherscourge's Avatar
    I think you need a UHS 3 Class microSD to get up to 30MB/s transfer speeds.

    Here, refer to this:

    09-19-2016 10:14 AM
  3. mike bellamy's Avatar
    Hi. Thanks for that and it makes sense yeah. My card is a class ten so 10mb/s transfer rates. I'll have to wait till the Kingston's come down in price or just live with the low rates. Nice one for the one post solution!
    09-20-2016 02:47 AM

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