1. Porkchopexpress1969's Avatar
    Did Samsung just shoot itself in the foot?


    The study, conducted by ecoATM on 1,050 smartphone owners age 18 or older, reveals that 26% of respondents would not even consider switching their existing phone to the Galaxy S6. As Phone Arena notes, 22% said they might be interested in the Galaxy S6 if the price was lower.

    As for iPhone owners, the study revealed that 16% of iPhone users wouldn’t consider exchanging their iPhone under any circumstances. Those iPhone users willing to swap an iPhone for the Galaxy S6 would do so only if it were a free swap (24%), or if it the Galaxy S6 were offered at a cheaper price (16%).

    The company, which has ATM-like terminals that let users drop their used smartphones in exchange for cash, also asked iPhone users what makes them stick with their devices. 25% of them said that friends and family also have one, making it a strong reason not to switch. 21% said the iPhone has better features, and 19% said they exclusively use Apple products.

    ecoATM also found out that 38% of smartphone users are likely to upgrade to a new phone when their two-year contract expires no matter the phone. 23% upgrade when the phone breaks, while 16% will buy a new model within six months of launch. Interestingly 13% purchase a new phone a month after it launches, 6% buy it when it launches in stores, while 4% get it during preorders.
    03-13-2015 05:17 PM
  2. unashamedgeek's Avatar
    I don't understand studies like these. Of course Samsung would sell more S6 if they lowered the price. I have no doubt that if they offered the device for $100, they would sell an absurd amount of them. They'd likely go out of business, but whatever. It is like if someone asked me if I'd be willing to sell my truck if I could buy a Tesla for cheaper.
    03-13-2015 05:24 PM
  3. Almeuit's Avatar
    A study when prices haven't fully been announced .. interesting .. Wonder how they knew it was too expensive ...
    03-13-2015 05:24 PM
  4. berdinkerdickle's Avatar
    Hey, but at least they're getting page hits.
    03-13-2015 05:26 PM
  5. Porkchopexpress1969's Avatar
    This is a good point......
    03-13-2015 05:30 PM
  6. jcp007's Avatar
    There is no arguing that full replacement price of any flagship device are exorbitant. The prices most relevant, as more people are apt to use these options, are annual contract commitment price and the installment/rental plans. These are likely to be very competitive. Weren't Apples contract prices pretty high compared to tihe smartphones?
    03-13-2015 06:33 PM
  7. Raptor007's Avatar
    Given what iPhone users are willing to spend on a subsidized or retail price of a phone, a $100 extra is too much? I find that hard to believe. Ihave a MBP, Airport Extreme, AppleTV, selling my iPhone 6+ and like my iPad Air2 and moving back to Android as my mobile platform. Now look at my MBP and its cost compared to a windows computer, I actually bought it based on the OS, and not the hardware, but the solid hardware does help and yet its premium price tag is hardly justified. I did use a corporate discount so I saved some dough.
    03-13-2015 06:42 PM

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