1. roket77's Avatar
    I woke one morning to my S6 not responding. I went to Best Buy(have warranty there) and they couldnt get it to turn on either. They told me to send to samsung which i did. They returned it saying it was beyond repair and that it had corrosion from being wet. #1,,i never got the phone wet. #2 When i got it back from Samsung in mail,,i was on my way to best buy to warranty it out for new one and happened to plug it in and it powered on. I showed the best buy associate and she put the sim card back in but i said dont activate it just yet. I tried contacting samsung to explain that it powered back up because i dont believe the tech actually looked at it because i know it was never wet. I was a month old and there was NO trace of moisture. After a few days,,it wouldnt charge anymore or power up. I didnt swap it out yet because im hoping it would power on one more time to get photos and music off it. What could have caused this and is there anything i can to to get it going. I tried all the power button/volume/home buttons etc,,, what can i tell samsung. They said it was beyond repair and they never got it to power on. Funny how i took a chance and plugged it in and it worked,, thanks for all suggestions
    08-14-2015 06:05 PM
  2. bluemishtam's Avatar
    This just happened to me. Hopefully I won't have the same problem getting it replaced. I just got this phone 2-3 weeks ago..
    09-01-2015 01:25 PM

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