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    So i recorded 2 videos on my sdcard with 85mb and 80mb write read speed. I used es file explorer to move to root of sdcard while plugging in to pc.

    I leave file moving via es file explorer app on screen for awhile. The screen dim and off display after awhile. Without checking my es file explorer i move these 2 videos file to my hard drive as i can see these 2 files on pc sdcard drive.

    Having completed. I switch on my s7 edge which direct me to es file sdcard screen with these 2 videos file being grayed out and not disappearing. I then off the app and relaunch. This 2 videos file were not there as it were move to my pc. Being abit tech ocd type...

    1. will this damage my sdcard?

    Secondly, the weird thing is i could play the first video but not the second. Oh get annoyed because the second video had better memories of my outing. I view it on s7 edge it was awesome.

    Now i lose the second video eternally -> annoyed. Did blew my top over this LOL.
    04-03-2016 10:57 PM

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