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    This category just kind of 'appeared' after spending the day with my family over the weekend and shooting a lot of pics with my S7e. So, I selected it from my Gallery and noticed that the top section was randomly going through images/videos from the day. I then selected the section (there is a 'Play' icon), and to my surprise, it went through a slideshow of pictures and videos (various transitions)--complete with music!

    I did some searching around for this and couldn't really find anything so I thought I'd share. I had an S6e prior to this phone, and maybe that feature was there too--I just never noticed it.

    Edit: Apparently it's a 'Hidden' feature available only to the S7 lineup:

    Edit 2: It looks like this video doesn't actually show the slide show presentation--just how to get to 'Events'. I'll capture one tonight from my other S7e and try to post it up:

    04-27-2016 10:55 AM

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