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  1. WhoMe's Avatar,

    Just thought Id add this to the pile of accessories here. I purchased two aluminum bumper "cases". One from Amazon, which I returned immediatly as it significantly hurt signal reception. I found another on YouTube, with a slightly different design that included antenna cut outs. I ordered it from the link in the description of the video (Aliexpress).

    These both look great and that was one of the major motivators for my purchase. I wanted something that looked cool, something that helped improve handling on what I find to be a tricky phone to hold, and protect the phone's metal frame from scratches. I do not expect any impact protection here in case someone is wondering.

    Im keeping the one from Aliexpress but I will note that my signal reception is still negatively affected by it.

    P.S. The back is covered by a D-Brands Black Carbon Fiber Skin and the screen has an Armor Shield case friendly protector.
    Attached Thumbnails Aluminum Bumper-signalstrength.jpg   Aluminum Bumper-g7-edge-8.jpg   Aluminum Bumper-g7-edge-7.jpg   Aluminum Bumper-g7-edge-6.jpg   Aluminum Bumper-g7-edge-5.jpg  

    Aluminum Bumper-g7-edge-4.jpg   Aluminum Bumper-g7-edge-3.jpg   Aluminum Bumper-g7-edge-2.jpg   Aluminum Bumper-g7-edge-1.jpg  
    05-18-2016 07:30 PM

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