1. Scott Costley's Avatar
    I have a picture of a girl drinking tea showing up in my photo gallery that I did not take. I cannot share it in any manner. Third time it's shown up and I delete everytime. I have an S7 edge. Very creepy. Advice? Is my phone hacked? No idea where it comes from. No details when I look at details on the photo, just a time stamp. Why does this keep occurring? I have looked for secret apps and scanned my phone with McAfee. Help!
    08-23-2018 08:47 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Gallery shows all pictures in your phone - except those in folders with a . at the beginning of the folder name or folders with a file named .nomedia in them. Apps like web browsers download all the pictures you see on them, nut they're supposed to keep them hidden in that way (. is Linux for "hidden" and ".nomedia" is Android for "don;t look for media files in this folder or any folders in it"). Evidently some app isn't hiding the picture it's showing. (Or maybe not showing - maybe downloading but you never get to it.)
    08-23-2018 11:47 AM

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