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Feb 23, 2019
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Spend some quality time guessing objects in picture trivia and arranging alphabets to solve the word jumble. Guess the pic correctly and earn coins.
Are you looking for a new and exciting guess the word puzzle game? Will you like to spend some quality time solving picture trivia word jumble and sharpen your mental skills?

The new guess the pic game is all you need to have fun. Use your present mindedness and vocabulary reserve to guess the pic of any object shown to you. Answer simple picture quiz questions to boost your knowledge and have fun.

Word Guessing Picture Puzzle

Are you good at guessing any object shown to you? Get rid of boredom and use this cool game app to solve picture trivia. The new game combines word jumble and guess the pic puzzle to sharpen your mental skills and offer 2-in-1 puzzle solving action. Improve your general knowledge and make the most of your free time by solving logo quiz in this exciting guess quiz game.

Use Free Hints or Ask a Friend

The game combines random word guessing games pictures so you can test your skills on different grounds. Use free hints to solve the guess the word puzzle and earn coins. You can also ask a friend to solve a guess the word puzzle level and have fun!

Endless Puzzle Levels!

There is no limitation to solving the picture puzzle. You can not only replay the levels but also play levels for as long as you like. You must select the right letters from the word jumble and arrange them in the specific order to make the word and solve picture puzzle.

How to play Guess the Picture – Trivia Mix Photo Puzzle

⦁ Download and launch the word guessing games
⦁ Tap on the play button to start the picture trivia guess quiz
⦁ Guess the pic shown in logo quiz and arrange alphabets to guess the word puzzle
⦁ Tap on the right letters in correct order to make the word and solve the picture puzzle
⦁ Ask a friend to solve a tough level or use free hints to get a clue on how to solve a difficult level
⦁ Earn coins and use them to play more levels

Features of Guess the Picture – Trivia Mix Photo Puzzle

⦁ Simple and easy word guessing games UI/UX
⦁ Appealing picture trivia app showing multiple images of logo quiz objects
⦁ Guess the pic of any object shown to you and increase your knowledge
⦁ Two-in-one guess quiz and word jumble pic puzzle to sharpen mental skills
⦁ Use the free hints to guess the word puzzle and solve more difficult levels
⦁ Ask friends to guess the pic to take help in solving the picture trivia
⦁ Earn coins and collect as many coins as you can as you solve the pic puzzle
⦁ Increase your general knowledge by guessing the word and arranging alphabets

Download Guess The Picture - Trivia Mix on Google Play

Are you ready to play one of the most exciting and interactive word guessing games available online? If yes, the new picture trivia is all you need to have fun. Download and play Guess the Picture – Trivia Mix Photo Puzzle today!


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