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    I'm using fingerprint ID to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S7. It's gone into a reboot loop, but when the lock screen comes up and I swipe to enter my password (as you must do after a reboot), the keyboard won't pop up. Sometimes, after repeated attempts, the keyboard appears briefly, but the phone reboots before I can enter the password. And the frustration starts all over again. The battery is also discharging rapidly.
    06-21-2017 08:52 PM
  2. elysianayn's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem with mine now. We're you able to get yours fixed?
    07-12-2017 09:52 PM
  3. har har's Avatar
    I have exactly the same issue. Although, I don't see the keyboard at all. I contacted the Samsung support several times, but they keep saying that the phone can only be unlocked if you have a Samsung account. Unfortunately, I don't remember which Samsung account is linked to the phone, so I could not solve the problem. The problem appeared when I went into flight mode and activated the WiFi on board of the plane, then the rebooting etc. started. Please if anyone can help here would be highly appreciated!
    07-14-2017 10:18 PM

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