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    Hello All,

    I just switched over to a Samsung S3 yesterday on Claro in Costa Rica. They provide the phone fully unlocked so that shouldn't be an issue moving forward.

    As you can imagine I'm going through quite the learning curve right now.

    Gmail. So there are two ways to do this. Use the GMAIL app or connect gmail via exchange. I decided to connect it to exchange as I also wanted the calendar, contacts, etc. I also wanted to make sure all my email accounts were in one place.

    The email icon on my phone shows as "iClaro" which is obviously their own branding of the email area which I dislike. Is there anyway I can get rid of all their branding, there are like 10 different icons that they installed which are all useless to me. Rename "iClaro" to "Email" get the default icon back and also remove the startup / unlock screen / graphics.

    Also if in future I got a business account with Google and had multiple emails landing in my gmail account, would I want to set it up differently at that time?

    I have a AVH 8400 BH in my car. I mostly use TuneIn radio and works great when you turn the car on but if you receive a call on skype or play around with something that has sound, the music will keep playing but sound is sent for the app that was opened not TuneIn. Also whenever I connect to the car radio I want it to either connect to TuneIn or die, I don't want it to try and connect to the music player on the phone and start playing music (which is what it does everytime now). I couldn't locate the advanced settings for bluetooth, can someone point me in the right direction? Also how do I choose the audio source or which app to send sound out from via BlueTooth?

    Those are my main issues right now, appreciate any help!
    09-17-2012 06:06 PM

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