1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi All,

    We have a few old Galaxy Tab2s running 4.0.4
    I have set them up with some funky stands in our boardrooms to be used as a phone list that points to a page on our intranet. I would like to lock the devices so that only the internet application be used and to go out of the internet app a password would be necessary. Has anyone seen any apps that can do this without rooting the device?

    Thanks in advance!

    05-25-2015 05:50 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! It might not be completely appropriate for a business setting, but Kids Place is a kid-safe launcher that can do that kind of thing.
    05-26-2015 05:36 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Any kiosk app can be set to only run the program you set it to run.
    05-27-2015 01:00 AM

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