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    Tizen 2.3 Alpha Source Code Released | Tizen Experts
    Tizen 2.3 Alpha Source Code Released
    FYI: Tizen 2.3 Alpha Source Code Released-tizen-sdk-live-dvd-developer-2.jpg
    The Source code is now available for Tizen 2.3 Alpha, and interestingly its also got support for the wearable profile. This now enables Developers and manufactures to make use of Tizen in their own wearable devices.

    Main Features
    Performance improvement and more lightweight webkit as well as webkit version update
    BT LTE functions for wearable device connectivity such as privacy and peripheral role
    The source code is available in Tizenís Git repositories under the Tizen 2.3 branch, and as for OBS project please refer to Tizen:2.3:Wearable project.


    The Tizen 2.3 Alpha SDK is expected to be released soon as well.
    06-03-2014 02:08 AM

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