1. brianrook's Avatar
    Hello all,

    just got the moment last week. I like it so far. Still working on the battery issues, but I think a little training will fix that. But in the process of getting all setup I installed Automated Task Killer.

    It does the trick, however, I've noticed that several factory installed applications keep restarting themselves after I've killed them. Some examples:

    instant messenger
    nuance voice control

    I don't use these applications and it kind of bothers me that they are in memory. Is there a way to shut them off permanently so they only start when I want them to?

    Also there are other apps that came with the phone that I just want to get rid of:

    nascar spring cup
    nfl mobile live
    moxie email

    but I can't find the uninstall option in 'manage applications' Is there a way to get rid of these ones?
    01-04-2010 11:49 AM
  2. slope69's Avatar
    You can't uninstall factory preinstalled apps without rooting your phone (which I won't do).

    To stop the following from automatically starting

    instant messenger
    nascar spring cup
    nfl mobile live
    moxie email

    I use an app called Startup Auditor from the Android Market (you need to be careful with this app as it can cause issues with your phone if you prevent required services from starting)

    I still haven't figured out a way to stop nuance voice control from reappearing.

    Hope this helps.

    01-04-2010 07:50 PM
  3. MattJr35's Avatar
    Might be nice, but I'll never know, because I'm not gonna pay for it.
    01-20-2010 03:17 PM
  4. robbies7897's Avatar
    I heard that an update from Sprint will enable us to remove said apps. I read it somewhere on their community. I'm guessing it probably comes with Android 2.1 lol!
    01-20-2010 10:04 PM
  5. Hustletron's Avatar
    I was looking for an app that did something similar to that Startup Auditor.

    I found Task Cleaner Pro, which I don't believe kills Apps at Start up but you can configure it to kill apps upon the screen turning off, and you can also configure specific apps in it to be killed at regular intervals.

    I'm using it right now and it's given me back about 10MB of memory, that damn Nuance(Nuisance) Voice Command app will not stay dead but I have it set to kill it at 1 minute intervals.

    I'm liking this app very much, I also am using Advance App Killer which works great as well.

    EDIT: Both apps are free by the way.
    03-09-2010 09:58 PM
  6. HampTheToker's Avatar
    Advanced Task Manager allows you kill specific apps at regular intervals. It allows you to create a list and either choose which apps to kill, or choose which apps to exclude.

    Personally, I use Advanced Task Manager in concert with Startup Auditor. Does the trick quite nicely. Still doesn't take care of Nuance though.
    03-10-2010 04:16 AM
  7. Jo_795's Avatar
    Rooting is alot easier then before when the moment came out.. i just rooted my phone yesterday and it took 1 minute to root. im going to uninstall those annoying apps... that everyone doesnt like
    03-10-2010 01:01 PM
  8. thunderx2000's Avatar
    how easy is it to root because I want to get rid of that annoying moxier mail, everything else is good. In all honesty, why would google or sprint ship the moment with 3 email programs? It baffles me to ridiculous levels.
    03-10-2010 04:30 PM
  9. Double Tap's Avatar
    how easy is it to root because I want to get rid of that annoying moxier mail, everything else is good. In all honesty, why would google or sprint ship the moment with 3 email programs? It baffles me to ridiculous levels.
    Oh how subjective judgments are about programs

    That Moxier Mail is the most valuable program on the phone. It allows me to get my push email from my corporate email server and sync my entire Microsoft Outlook all for free, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and of course Email. Best program on any phone for me
    03-10-2010 06:52 PM
  10. Hustletron's Avatar
    The Moxier Mail is fine, if you actually have use for it, otherwise I don't need it starting itself every 5 minutes. I have work email too but I choose not to sync it to my phone because, let's be honest, I don't want to hear about work crap when I'm off.
    03-10-2010 07:17 PM
  11. wkj's Avatar
    Here's a good how to on rooting if you have the CL14 update

    [HOW TO] Gain Permanent Root on CL14 Out-The-Box and Backup/Restore Customizations - PPCGeeks

    03-11-2010 08:54 PM
  12. Todd_P's Avatar
    I have an old Sprint htcphone which is out of memory - can't install Facebook or anything else. However, I DO HAVE a boatload of factory-installed apps that I never use and am not interested in. I have uninstalled Facebook, and so was able to make room for Titanium Backup 7.3.0 w/ Root but when I ran it I was told Root access: FAILED. I don't know why, and cannot fix it.

    So, how do I get rid of all those factory-installed apps?!
    01-09-2016 01:20 PM