1. cohoman's Avatar
    I just received my new Citi "Double Cash" Mastercard and tried to add it to Samsung Pay on my S6. After entering the data manually in the Samsung Pay app I get to a screen that says I need to verify the card to proceed, and when I tap on the "Call Bank" button my phone dials up Citibank support. After about 5 minutes I get on the line with a rep who tries to activate my card with Samsung Pay, and finally informs me that the Samsung Pay system on Citi's end isn't working properly and is currently being checked out by their IT people. She said I would need to wait for a day or two before calling back again and try to verify my card with Citi again.

    What a bummer, because I got this new card specifically for use with Samsung Pay on my S6.
    12-05-2015 10:46 PM
  2. 20blks's Avatar
    It's frustrating but you can hold out a day or 2. I had to wait a while for chase to get on board
    12-05-2015 11:31 PM
  3. cohoman's Avatar
    Yeah, I don't really have a choice but wait....
    12-06-2015 12:01 AM
  4. 20blks's Avatar
    It will be worth it. The look on the cashiers face is priceless
    12-06-2015 08:15 AM
  5. cohoman's Avatar
    Finally got this card activated with Samsung Pay. I needed to call Citi and have their rep do the activation over the phone. Now I've got my Amex card and this new MasterCard ready for business!
    20blks likes this.
    12-08-2015 07:36 AM

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