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    Has anyone had this happen with either their droid or Transform?-- i am using outlook at my home pc for my e-mail. i like it instead of going to att.yahoo etc. i set up my transform for this. this way some of the many spams don't make it. i also use this e-mail account for my part time business, so i don't want to change it at all. i don't know if it's me or the phone, but after i download e-mails, either read or delete them, that when some more are downloaded or i empty the trash, all mine in the in box are gone. i can't seem to correlate this with checking e-mail on my home pc (which then deletes them from the server) or what. it doesn't happen all the time. i don't keep that many e-mails in the in box.(>10)
    11-14-2010 08:54 AM