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    So about a month ago I rooted my Droid X2 to CM9. Recently, my X2 has been rebooting itself at random times, so I want to sbf back to factory settings. My internet was down for about a week and I couldn't stand my phone rebooting itself anymore. I found a forum thread (on another website) that said you can unroot your phone without a computer (bad decision on my part). After reading numerous posts saying that it worked, I did it. Well here's the kicker, it unrooted itself but I'm still on CM9. Now that I have my internet back in operation, I can now sbf my phone... well that's what I thought. I downloaded RSD Lite and the sbf files for the X2. The problem with this is, now I can't install RSD Lite. When I double click on the file, it asks me to pick a program from a list. I also downloaded and burned 1KDS iso. After restarting my PC and I boot into his script, it asks me if I want to SBF with the possibility to root later, I select that option. I also put my phone into RSD protocol support. After the script starts, it'll either say a file was killed or a bunch of errors will show up. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
    08-28-2012 04:26 PM