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    I´m new here and I hope you can help me with some questions about Android System Developement, so more than only App Developement... I didn´t know if I´m right here, so please correct me or move the thread to another topic if I do something wrong...

    My device:
    - Samsung S3 international with CM13

    I like to create a global "Content Filter", which filters files (pictures, videos, documents, etc.) on my smartphone globaly. So what I mean is something like what the UserManager from Android framework does:
    User A (owner) creates pictures with the camera, download files, etc. and if User B (guest) logs in, User B can´t access the files from User A and vice versa.
    The diffrent part is that I like to "hide" or better make them not accessable by custom criteria - for example "only pictures from the last two hours will be shown to User B". And the main point ist that every application gets the same content.
    I thought I have to edit and extend the internal/external storage functions (or ContentProvider?) by my custom filter. Later there will be a system app for controlling the behavior of this filter.

    Now there are some question, which I ask myself:
    - Is it possible to implement this functionality in Android specific code and not in device specific code? So is it possible to make it transferable for other devices and Android versions (Custom ROM, manufacture ROM or the pure Stock Android from Google´s Nexus phones) without "much" effort?
    - Does it make more sense to use the original Stock Android instead of Cyanogenmod to reach the transferability?
    - Where do I have to start? I downloaded the source Code of CM13 for the Samsung S3. But how I ask before - is there a generic way for all devices and android versions? I started to look into the framework specific code of android (system/frameworks/base/... ). I thought I can build the filter between the api calls (java -> jni bridge -> c/c++), but that would be not the right place, yes?

    I hope someone understand my plan and can help me with some informations and tipps or where I have to look to get them!

    12-05-2016 05:02 AM

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