1. mkchillin's Avatar
    Can someone who personally owns the Z2 tell me how call quality (both ways), handling (particularly, one-handed usage) and color reproduction (specifically, whites and blacks) of the Z2 is?

    Tell me anything else you like/dislike about this phone, and/or anything else I ought to know too. If I buy it this summer, I need to know if my $800+ were well spent.
    05-13-2014 05:19 PM
  2. Duncan1982's Avatar
    Pocket now has a semi accurate review of the Z2 I say this as some I disagree with but for the most part it's spot on.

    Head over to YouTube to check it out.

    And the end quote is apt "Worth every penny"

    The Dedicated shutter button is brilliant

    The Build is brilliant.

    The Camera is gggggreat

    The Noise Cancelling Headphones are brilliant.

    The Screen is great even outdoors despite what some reviews will lead you to believe.

    Call quality for me has been clear, not 100% but I can here who I'm speaking to very clearly indeed and vice versa.

    As for it being sharp when placed to ear I personally haven't experienced this.

    The front facing speakers get mixed reviews but for me personally, coming from Samsung's and a Nexus 5 they are just sublime.

    Great Ui despite reviews, I like it so much so I have avoided launchers and that is saying something as that is one of the first things I do.

    To end this you will not be wasting your money believe me.

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    05-13-2014 05:53 PM
  3. kolok's Avatar
    I don't own the phone, but I did have a go at it for a short period.

    Although I cannot comment on call quality & reception, both aspects seemingly all too easily overlooked by reviewers, I can comment on the phone itself.

    The screen is beautiful. Clear, crisp, colors rendered very nicely, not punchy, but very nice. This isn't some TV set or a computer monitor that you'll be using for photoshop, so if there is any semblance of washed-out colors (as some detractors claim), that is easily forgiven.

    The phone is, in my opinion, just-just a little big for 1-handed use. All depends on size of one's hands, but still a little tricky to use effectively with one hand. Speaking of which, holding the phone with my right hand, using it only with one hand, I became acutely aware that the physical camera button is placed in such a position that by virtue of holding the phone, my palm activated the camera much too easily. No problems when holding the phone with both hands, but *very* annoying when holding it in my right hand, trying to type 1-handed. I had a look through the settings and found no way of disabling the dedicated camera button.

    Haven't much else to note, aside that the phone feels very solidly built, slight heft (which is good), very nice looking screen as well. Again, can't comment on signal reception or call quality.

    Hope that helps
    05-13-2014 06:07 PM

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