1. LuisManuel's Avatar
    Your favorite thing about your GS3? For me it has got to be everything I love the beautiful design, the screen size, it handles tasks like no other phone I've had. I came from a NexusS4G and this is definitely much better I'm in love with this phone..
    What's your Favorite?

    And Swiftkey3 is amazing if you don't have it or haven't tried, definitely try.

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    07-12-2012 07:46 PM
  2. dad2noah's Avatar
    I love the size and weight, and how it just fits naturally in my hand.
    I use my thumb alot, and it seems to be able to reach every part of the phone.
    I agree with the swift key statement. Although, I had to find the settings that worked best for me. Took about 3 days.
    07-12-2012 08:50 PM
  3. Skunkape60's Avatar
    I have fairly short fingers and there is no way I can reach the entire screen with the same hand that's holding it. Otherwise it's the hardware that's my favorite thing about this phone.

    Just Flash It !!!
    07-12-2012 10:04 PM