1. TextMeMaybe's Avatar
    What's the point of the horizontal rectangle box? When ever I set a background, the image in the vertical box is the only thing that ever shows up.
    12-23-2012 07:25 PM
  2. Gator352's Avatar
    I'm going to attempt to answer this.

    When Samsung got slapped with lawsuits from the evil fruit, scrolling wallpaper became a thing of the past by default. Those outer boxes represented how far the background (and what is shown on screen) when you scrolled left/right through the homescreens. So basically, they mean nothing.
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    12-23-2012 08:27 PM
  3. tat21985's Avatar
    I've noticed though, that once I downloaded Nova launcher, it adds the scrolling wallpaper. I could live without it, but it is a nice feature to have, especially with some of the cityscapes I use as wallpapers
    12-24-2012 01:49 AM
  4. Gator352's Avatar
    Yeah, some launchers include it as a feature. They can do this as they are stand alone entities not affiliated with any manufacturer. Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, and etc. are not allowed to include it as part of their software by default. Like the rubber banding (bounce back) effect had to be removed because of crapple and their hideous lawsuits. Since though...a judge ruled that an invalid patent. So we'll see if the "bounce back" makes it's way back into android phones.
    12-24-2012 06:56 AM
  5. GiantJay's Avatar
    This is what you see if you have a launcher that supports auto rotate screen, like Nova launcher or a custom ROM.

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    12-24-2012 01:45 PM
  6. duddy23b's Avatar
    You might try a photo editor, camera x is what I use and it allows me to adjust the horizontal as well as the vertical for pics I take and use as my wallpaper.
    12-25-2012 01:03 PM
  7. badbrad17's Avatar
    Download PicSpeed Wallpapers. You can adjust and get tons of great free wallpapers.

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    12-25-2012 01:06 PM
  8. Xtreme Alice's Avatar
    How do i use the outer box?
    09-28-2014 09:15 AM

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