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    I just bought a lightly used Atrix 4G off of Amazon and it arrived the other night. I've flashed it, wiped it, rooted it and whatnot. It is still using the stock ROM though. Anyways, even before it was rooted if I set the phone down, or even while I'm using it it acts as if I'm tapping all over the screen, pushing and pulling, doing gestures and will stop if I lock the phone and unlock it. Also there's what seems like a dead spot right where the W, E, S, and Z, keys are on the default keyboard where if I touch it will touch a key on either side but I can't hit those 4. If I pull the battery and reboot the phone, that spot will be fine and work but only for about 20 minutes. Rebooting without a battery pull.

    I've contacted the seller but I'm waiting on an answer, I'd rather not have to return it since the last phone I bought had issues as well and I actually really like this one. Any ideas? I've been reading about the digitizer and it doesn't look good....
    07-20-2014 12:49 PM
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    It's a common problem with that phone. The touch screen needs to be replaced. It shorts out and acts as if you are touching the screen in that area. I had to return several phones for that problem back when I had the Atrix. I would return it. That's likely the reason why they sold the phone. You would never know to look at it because there is no physical damage.

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    11-08-2014 05:54 PM

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