04-10-2012 10:02 AM
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  1. kevinqian's Avatar
    Just got the update as well. New trick: browser window when pinched to zoom out will show the thumbnail view.

    I was hoping they would introduce the ATT visual voicemail app from the Skyrocket but no go.
    12-21-2011 11:46 PM
  2. Slusho64's Avatar
    Since it looks like there are issues with this update, is there anyway to make it stop asking? I know installing a custom ROM will do the trick, but is there a simpler way? Is updating a rooted device dangerous? Can you root after updating?
    12-21-2011 11:54 PM
  3. derande's Avatar
    Just got the update as well. New trick: browser window when pinched to zoom out will show the thumbnail view.
    not new to me. my browser would pinch to thumbnail view on 2.3.4.
    12-22-2011 07:33 AM
  4. Trickology's Avatar
    My battery just drained 30% over night something is definitely messed up it usually will on drain 5% or so

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    12-22-2011 07:53 AM
  5. arfarf's Avatar
    Galaxy S2 - OTA 2.4.6 "Update is failed."

    SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 i9100 Rooted

    What happens: S/w is d/l from server, phone reboots to install s/w, progress bar appears, and then it says "Update is failed." Phone reboots back to current state.

    What I've learned:

    1) Going to Settings-Apps-Manage-All-DevManage-ClearData will let you try to reinstall as
    much as you want - without waiting for the 24 hr thing
    2) Booting into bootloader and clearing Cache Partition has no effect
    3) The first time it failed I thought it was b/c Juice Defender killed my Wifi mid-download - and I had to restart it. I've tried several times since then without JD running.

    I'm not going to re-flash to stock as an experiment, I don't care *THAT* much...

    Any new ideas?
    No luv. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
    12-28-2011 08:35 PM
  6. ttlphotography's Avatar
    i just got the update message and installed the update yesterday. BIIIIGGGG mistake.

    It made my SGS2 go totally bat ^&%$ crazy. multiple reboots, sluggish operation(when it allowed any sort of realistic operation), insane battery drain(20% in less than 30 minutes).

    So ive been reading up here on the issue and i talked with tech support thru online chat. I wish i could get that hour+ of my life back. She said is was a known issue and "tried to push some software update" to my phone to address the battery issue, but IF my phone got it, it surely did absolutely zero to help.

    My phone, prior to the update, was operating flawlessly. No complaints whatsoever . . . .. until yesterday. Guess its making up for lost time with this update. So this phone is going to an ATT store and a replacement battery will be tried and if that doesnt work, im not leaving until they either put me back to 2.3.4 or give me a replacement phone. I'll report back here after that little adventure assuming the mall cops dont haul me outa there on the real possibility im gonna have to flip my wig to get something done.

    *Update*: I played the software game with ATT. I was sent from a mall store to a "Device Support and Warranty Center". they said they did a factory reset-again. i told them i had already done that, but they did it again anyway. That didnt work. They then insisted that completely flashing the rom and operating system would solve the problem, so they did that. It was at that point i asked that since they were going to flash the rom, how about just putting the 2.3.4 back on there instead. They "couldnt do that" was all i got in answer to that question. So they flashed 2.3.6 and sent me on my way with a bone stock setup. Seemed to work fine so i installed all my apps - - -again. Seemed to work fine until i powered down the phone and turned it back on the following morning. Right back to the bat &^%$ crazy stuff it was doing after my initial OS update download to 2.3.6.
    So i went back to the Device Support and Warranty Center and talked to the same 2 techs that worked on my phone the day prior. I got a rash of excuses why the device was doing what it was doing. The best of which was i had conflicting/duplicate apps that the phone didnt like. I dared the guy to find 2 apps that served the same function and show me they were conflicting. That didnt go anywhere. So they fiddled and played with the phone for another 30 minutes to no avail. It was at that point that I insisted that i receive a replacement phone under the manufacturer warranty.
    The phone wasnt nor has ever been rooted, it worked fine until the official update was downloaded and it was obvious to me at least that the phones operation had been somehow compromised due to the update. If they wanted to continue to "play" with the messed up phone, they could do so on their time and i wanted a replacement. Well, after 2 conversations with 2 different managers, i finally got my warranty replacement, but even then it took a vague threat to terminate my service and go elsewhere.
    The replacement phone, which im sure is a refurb(but whatever at this point), has 2.3.4 on it and it'll stay that way. Im washing my hands of 2.3.6 after this 4 day drama and bs. Thus far, replacement phone is behaving as normal.
    I cant speak to the 2.3.6 battery issue as my phone never behaved in a way that i could see what the battery was doing and whether it was good or bad. But with this replacement, i used 46% of the battery in the last 24 hours and thats with what can be considered average use. This is with 2.3.4.
    12-30-2011 09:45 AM
  7. tunie's Avatar
    I noticed today that the DM Server was trying to connect. I assumed this was to install the OS upgrade. Because of all the issues described here, I decided to freeze the DM Manager with Titanium. Oddly, even if defrosted, nothing happens when I click on Software Update. It has an exclamation point next to it, so I'm not sure what's going on. However, my phone works fine and no more DM trying to connect. I guess I'm just delaying the inevitable, but the idea of a blue glow appearing on the edges of my screen does not make me happy. I don't even really understand what this update does that really matters, except for the lock-screen issue, but I fixed that long ago.
    01-09-2012 02:22 PM
  8. webbie2's Avatar
    update ruined my phone.
    04-10-2012 10:02 AM
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