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    In an earlier post I complained about having Bluetooth issues with the built-in phone in my car. I have had at least 8 different phones with Bluetooth that have worked with the car without any problems... then along comes my new Amaze 4G and it doesn't work. The issue was that it was acting like it had headphones plugged into the phone when it was connected to Bluetooth. I could hear people speaking to me, but they couldn't hear me.

    Long story, short... I called T-Mobile Tech Support and they were truly great trying to work out a solution. In the end they felt my Amaze had a major software glitch that was not connected to any one application in particular but the overall package was corrupt. They even called HTC directly and worked with their Tech team and the response was the same... the software package on the phone must be corrupt. So back went my Amaze 4G. T-Mobile sent a new one out overnight. I received it today and got it set-up.

    Now for the real test... would it work with my car? I put the car into Discovery Mode and launched Bluetooth on the phone... put in the key and paired the phone with the car. I dialed a number and low and behold... I could hear my daughter on the other end and she could hear me... YA! It works!!

    One thing I noticed... when I turned on Bluetooth my Wi-Fi turned off automatically. When I spoke with T-Mobile Tech Support they said that HTC was working on a patch for several known Bluetooth issues. The software version on the new phone is different than the phone it replaced. I am wondering if HTC found that Wi-Fi was interfering with Bluetooth and causing some issues. None-the-less, it was interesting when turned on Bluetooth the Wi-Fi shut down. Not sure if the two are connected in any way... but Bluetooth in the car now works and that is a major issue taken care of. Espceially in a state where you have to be hands free in the car.
    02-13-2012 06:21 PM
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    As far as I know, WiFi will go to sleep (you'll find it in the Advanced settings for WiFi) if you're not connected to anything, or not using the phone. Perfectly normal from what I can tell.

    What version of the firmware do you have now? 1.35? 1.43?

    BTW, T-Mo charged me a $5 service charge every time I exchanged ... wasn't disclosed the first time, but for overnighting a new phone and paying return shipping, I don't think it's much of a gyp. Check your bill, I'm curious if you got the exchange w/o the fee.
    02-16-2012 12:46 PM