1. varunbhalla's Avatar
    I just got the 1.6 firmware update but since then I am unable to access the settings or any applications on my Vodafone Magic in UK.

    My default home application was Freshface and it keeps on Force Closing. I am unable to access any applications or the settings.

    Can anyone help?
    10-21-2009 05:33 PM
  2. varunbhalla's Avatar

    I found a solution on the T-Mobile forums which solved my problem.

    Take the battery out of your phone then put it back in, next press and hold the home and power buttons....the mytouch screen will come on and then the android screen will come on, keep holding the buttons down until a screen with a triangle comes up(no joke), when that screen comes up then press the home and power buttons again and release them, another screen comes up with 3 options go to the last option which is factory reset and select it, restart your phone and you should be fine
    10-22-2009 03:24 AM