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    I spend a lot of time passing through subways, elevators, and other locations without cellular coverage. On my previous phone I could start a web page, put it in backgound while it loaded, then later open it and read the web page. With my MyTouch, if I navigate away from the Web Browser it closes it, and when I re-open it tries to re-load the page. So if I am reading a big article as I walk into the subway and open any other task, when I try to go back to the web article, I get an empty browser and a "no web access" error. I can't even save time by doing something else while a big page loads.

    How can I "keep" the data in the web browser when I open other Apps so I can go back to reading it? It was really convenient on my other phone to start loading a "heavy" page, go to another app for a few minutes, then go back to the web page after it has loaded.

    I wish I had the choice on the MyTouch between (A)closing the browser and (B)throwing it into the background while it continued to load, keeping the page/data.

    MyTouch 4G Slide/ Android: 2.3.4/ Sense: 3.0/ Software: 1.63.531.2 710RD

    08-22-2012 12:02 AM