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    Hi all!
    I have a Galaxy S 4G running stock GB and my girlfriend asked me to update her Vibrant for her so her phone would be "better than" mine. Lol. Anyways, I was able to update to stock Froyo as kies only updates to 2.2 on U.S. T-Mobile Vibrant. I rooted it, also. I tried to put a Simply Stock GB rom on it, but I was unsuccessful. I just gave it back to her running Froyo. It was working fine for a while (about a day) and then the messaging app began to force close and she wasn't able to text anyone. So, I thought I'd just put Eclair back on it for her as she had no problems with that. While I was putting Eclair on it, Odin froze at the "file analysis" stage, so I closed it, and lo and behold, the phone is now soft bricked. What's weird is that the phone!computer message is on the top-left of the screen. Here's a pic:

    I tried everything to get it into download mode, which I had issues with before. I used adb to get it into download mode for the attempted Eclair install because the volume keys+usb cable method did not work. And now, the three button combo does not work. What's worse is that the computer won't even make recognize that anything is plugged in when I plug the phone in (but the phone does turn on and show the message). I even tried a home-made jig! I've tried 300k ohms and even 301k ohms. Nothing. Here's a picture of the jig:

    Please, you guys have gotta save me from the couch! Lol. Well, I'm not really on the couch, but she is using my phone for the time being and I miss it.

    Thanks in advance!
    11-27-2012 01:39 PM

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