1. jbak3r's Avatar
    I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

    I'm normal user who used the phone for basic function like making phone calls and using a very few apps from the play store.

    Last week, Logsprovider initiated out of nowhere an endless loop of "force close" alerts, between them most of the running apps were closed too.

    Because of the interval (about half a second) between alerts I can goto settings -> apps -> and "clear data" in the Logsprovider config.

    This stops the "force close" alerts loop until the next restart of the phone. in this state I basically don't have access to the phone features and all the home screens are empty, including the phone's apps menu.

    I can run any app by adding it to the home screen and then executing it, if the app has system operation like the play store that require it to install something, the app will crash and no new programs will install.

    I can also connect the phone to a computer and get access to all the files (I think it's just those on storage)

    These are desperate times... thats why I'm contacting the experts:

    1.Can I fix this, this might have been caused by a corrupt contact in the phonebook (that's why the error message says "Logsprovider")
    2. I've already tried Recovered mode > Wipe Cache
    3.If the only solution is factory reset how do I backup the data, apps, or contact lists?
    4. If this is a corrupted phonebook contact, can I backup the contacts, wipe it and then restore it?

    All help is appreciated.

    Thank you,
    04-07-2014 12:28 PM
  2. H3aTeRzz's Avatar
    My best bet is that Factory Reset should get you going. You can look at a program called Kies 3, it works very similar to iTunes in backing up your device.

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    04-08-2014 10:57 AM

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