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Chris Johnson27

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Feb 2, 2016
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I'm looking for an app that can import very large contacts lists from csv files. Google contacts limit of 10k is basically useless for my purposes. I need something that will handle no less than 100k contacts, preferably up to 1.5m contacts. Does anyone know of a solution for this or know if it would even realistic. I can't imagine it being a storage issue as the csv files I handle are generally less than 1 gig.

Also, first post, I had a look around and this seemed like the right place to leave this. Apologies if I miscategorized it.

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Jul 14, 2011
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Well, there's no getting around the 10k limit on Google's servers, so you'd either have to create multiple accounts and store 10k at a time, or you can try using only local contact storage (not the SIM card, internal memory) which should be limited by the storage amount it can handle, and some users peg that at up to 2GB, so you should be fine. Problem with that is there won't be any cloud sync with those, and managing them could turn cumbersome.