.19 OTA push / bootloop fix


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Feb 2, 2012
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I only mention this because i read some posts where people can't use/don't have access to their custom recovery after the OTA is pushed to their phone. I am stock rooted and when the OTA got pushed to my phone I got stuck in the white triangle bootloop pit of despair. I was able to fix the problem using Root Explorer though. After i got the white triangle screen, i pulled my battery, put it back in, booted phone, as soon/as fast as i could i opened root explorer and went into system/etc/security folder and renamed the "otacerts.zip" file. The phone shut down again, rebooted on its own but got stuck at the htc white screen. I pulled battery again, put battery back in and rebooted. Phone started like normal but then a gray window pops up that says:

Update Failed
Source: Verizon Wireless
Name: Thunderbolt 2.11.605.19710RD
Update time: 15 Min(s)
Size: 61.079 MB
Description: This software update includes enhancements and improvements to your HTC Thunderbolt. See https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...verizon.com/Thunderboltsupport&token=fGEn7igA for details.
OK - Cancel

I hit ok and then everything was fine. Granted, for this to work you need to have the time i had (about 20-30 sec) to access Root Explorer (or whatever file management app you have). So i guess the moral of the story is to just rename the "otacerts.zip" file to avoid the whole dang problem! :p

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