1st 48 Hours with my 128GB 4XL


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Jan 26, 2012
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Ok...5 days now.. Things that stands out. I come from a note10+

Have gotten used to the pixel gestures and now move around quite nicely

Ambient lighting is something I still struggle with. I prefer a slightly brighter display, do in the evenings I still have to set the display brightness up.

Face unlock with motion sense is amazingly fast, even in pitch dark.

Performance is right where I expect it, this device is no slouch.

Google integration.. You know, search, photos, lens, is fast and convienent

Weight and feel in the hand. Weight is good. Feel.. Is different. Because of the curved sanding screens on the Galaxy and note, cases for different. My hand notices that difference. Pixel cases feel more bulky

Battery life.. This is where arguments come...I have 1 guideline. I want my phone's to last all day. My definition of all day is.. When I take it off the charger in the morning, until I put it back on the charger when going to bed. Whatever I do during the day, didn't matter. In 5 days so far, the lowest the battery has dropped is 69%. So it passes my battery test. Others may ask about on screen time etc. I don't count it that way. The P3xl, always showed significant loss here and, as such, did not meet my personal requirement.

Pics... Are what I expect. Samsung pics are good, but always enhanced.. Like a color blast. When I take a pic with my P4xl, and compare the colors to what I see with my eye, the colors more closely match. I work with several Indian fellows. Done are darker skinned. The note10+ makes them very dark. The Pixel shows them as they are

So, 5 days in, I'm happy. FPS be damned. 90m screen refresh be damned..I put the note10+ into the drawer.

Seems like a downgrade from the note 10


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Mar 12, 2016
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For me the Samsung gestures would be a big reason not to go back, I am fully onboard the gesture train and really disliked how they worked on the S10/Note 10

My main beefs with my new P4 XL right now (other than missing the ultra-wide) are how unremarkable it feels and the screen brightness. Overall though I like it more than I expected to.