2 Simple ROM Questions


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Jul 24, 2011
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Good morning:

I have 2 simple questions related to ROM (I think that's the right term?) on my
HTC Inspire (which, I'm surprised, there is no dedicated forum to this device!):

1. How can I easily tell which "ROM" I'm running?

I know I downloaded and installed some specialized .APK file
(one of the more popular ones), but I can't recall what the Name
or Version of it is... Is there an easy way to find out?

2. How can I either back that off and upgrade to the latest OEM "System Update",
OR, update my (non-OEM) "ROM" to the very latest and greatest version?

On a related note, I've found that "System Updates" just *will not run* if my device
is running a "non-OEM" "ROM"... That's normal, of course, right?

Thanks very much for any helpful Replies.


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Nov 25, 2010
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You can always tell what version of ROM or OS you are running by going to the About Phone section under Settings. Look near the bottom under baseband or other lines and it will tell you what it is your running. If its a custom ROM the devs will have the name of the ROM listed and a version # usually...

As far as individual apks or apps, again go into Settings/Applications/Manage Apps
From there you can go to the app of choice and see the version number that is installed.

If you are running a custom ROM you will have to see the details on returning your device back to a previous state or stock. Each device is different on how this is achieved. If your running complete stock "un rooted" there is no option to rollback to a previous official version of OS. You would have to use a "unroot/restore to factory stock" method to flash you device to an earlier version of OS.

Your correct on the system updates option. Once your rooted and running custom ROMs those options normally become unusable and its up to the ROM developer or you to keep up manually with any current firmware updates, etc.


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Feb 12, 2012
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apk files are apps, not ROMs. No matter how many apk files you install, you're still running the same ROM. (A ROM is usually a .zip file.)

Your apps are in your app drawer, so if you installed an apk file, you'll find the app it installed in there.

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