25 Reasons to Consider the Sprint Epic 4G Touch

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Aug 21, 2011
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Re: 18 Reasons to Consider the Sprint Epic 4G Touch

The Epic 4G Touch looks like a real monster of a phone, especially compared to my current entry-level LG Optimus S. The Optimus really hasn't been that bad a phone, but I have to admit its limitations can be aggravating at times. As it happens my carrier is offering me chance to upgrade to the Galaxy at no cost--other than having to sign on for another two years. Well, why not. I'm happy with the service and this is a killer device I can have delivered to my door for just the sales tax.

ETA: Seeing that the Galaxy doesn't have the stylus capable screen and only 1G RAM instead of the 2G as I initially misread it, maybe it's not a killer or a monster. But still, much better than what I have now.
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Dec 13, 2012
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Not sure what you mean "stylus capable"? I use a stylus all the time on mine?

As for 1gb,it has been plenty and I run 3-4 apps at a time especially while in the car dock.

Now... I'm on Boost pre paid. There is talk of the GS2/E4GT reaching end of life soon. If I were on contract I'd be looking at the GS3,especially for something I'm locked into for another 2 years.

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